ATA – 3-29-21

Topic:Key notes:
THIS WEEKS SCHEDULEThis weeks schedule looks a little different as we kick off the third trimester, prepare to get grades entered, and prepare for hybrid.
Monday – Flex day
Tuesday – A day
Wednesday – B day
Thursday – A day
Friday – B day
Hybrid Q & AWe will be hosting a Hybrid/same school Q&A session this week on
Wednesday, 3/31, @ 5:30 – 6:30    
Click here to join ZOOM     
Meeting ID: 990 2905 3136      
Passcode: 460089    
Hybrid questions formTo prepare for our Q&A session, please CLICK HERE to ask any questions you may have in advance.  
LIPI time changeIf your student is enrolled in our LIPI services, please make note that there is a LIPI time change. LIPI will now be from 9:30 – 11:30 on your students LIPI day. If your student rides a school bus, plan on your students bus being a half hour later than they are scheduled right now.  Lipi will continue for the students enrolled in Lipi until Hybrid begins.
LTD Transit Lane Transit District (LTD) will continue allowing students to ride without a bus pass until September. For now, all students need to do to ride free is tell the driver that they are a 4J student.