ATA: Week of 5.25.20

2-locker-open-allan-swartLocker Content Pick-up – Round 2

ATA staff will be available for students/parents to come pick up locker and personal items and book returns (Algebra and library/teacher books) on Thursday, May 28 from 9-11 a.m. and 1-6 p.m.

Please come to the front entrance and staff will gather items. There will be a drop box to return books.

wifiHot Spots

Families who indicated a need for wi-fi should have received an email from ATA about picking up devices.  If you did not and still need internet, please contact the school tomorrow – Tuesday. 541-790-5700


We have had questions about the following news article and how to access the funds indicated. Here is information from our 4J Nutrition Department:

The Pandemic School Meal Replacement Benefits

All students attending schools that provide free meals to all students are eligible for a payment through a State Grant, called the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT). Please note that you will be contacted by DHS (Department of Human Services), the State Agency that will provide the funding. Instructions will be included to activate or refuse benefits. Note that the District is not involved in fund disbursement. If you have questions, dial the state helpline at 2-1-1 or the local DHS office at (541) 686-7878.

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon plans to give money to families with children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals – even if they have continued to receive meals from their school since campuses closed in March. The Pandemic School Meal Replacement Benefits will give the families of 351,000 students…



ATA: Week of May 11th Update

No “School” this Friday

Progress Report Day – teachers will be updating assignments and inputting Passing and Incomplete grades for the first half of this trimester.

WEEKLY A.T.A. ART CONTESTS (Ms. Samson Sponsored)

Join the ATA Art Contest Google Class to find out details.

Google Class code: h6rbfax
Create great art!
Win great prizes!
If you enter the contest, your entry can replace one weekly art assignment.


S.K.A.T.E. Club  (Mr. Michael Sponsored)

Google Class code: l4jtw5r

Let’s play a game a S.K.A.T.E!  If you are unfamiliar with S.K.A.T.E. Please read…

It is like the basketball game of H.O.R.S.E. except for we do skate tricks.  There will be three tiers:

Beginners- this group is for people who are just learning to ride a skateboard

Ollie’rs- this group is for people who have learned to ollie, but can’t quite kickflip yet.

Kickflippers- need I say more?

The set-up: This game is ALL street tricks. No ramps, no rails; curbs and sidewalks ok.  All tricks need to be accomplishable by skating around your house/neighborhood and must be in accordance with all social distancing guidelines set by our government.

A trick will be posted to start the game off, you will have three days to land it. If you do not upload a video of you landing the trick within the three days, you get a letter.  The first person to upload their video will be the person who gets to choose the trick. However, if everyone lands the trick then the person who posted the original will get an opportunity to prove it, and will have to upload a new video of them landing the trick again otherwise they get a letter.

If the weather is not cooperating with us (i.e. its raining) there will be an extension for landing the trick by the number of days it rained.


Calls have been made this week regarding attendance and we want to clarify what that means:

In order to be marked present for the entire week, a student must have just one contact with each teacher for each class – that could look like any of the following:

  • An email to the teacher checking in, asking a question, letting them know progress, etc.
  • A message in google classroom
  • Submission of one or more assignments

The purpose for attendance is to make sure students are able to access and engage in their learning. It also provides an avenue for staff to determine who might need help so that we can reach out.

Please understand that the emails and phone calls are intended to be supportive and assist in your child’s learning. As we have said so many times – We are in this TOGETHER!  There is no right or wrong way and we are all navigating this within our own worlds.  If you or your child need ANYTHING, please reach out to a teacher or staff member.  We are working closely together to share information and can figure out who can help and get you what you need.

Technology Support

In an effort to help solve student technology problems more quickly, please use the links below:
Website with documentation and quicksheets
Support Request Form
While parents should feel free to continue emailing or leaving a voicemail for tech support, the form will help gather a lot of the information on needs. In particular, by filling out the school name the system will be able to immediately notify the assigned TSS for your school.
Additionally, many of the more common support solutions will be in PDF form and linkable from the site.

ATA: Locker Item Collection

Mark your calendar to come collect your stuff!

ATA invites students to come pick up their locker items/personal belongings from the school next week!

All locker items are bagged and ready to pick up at the front entrance of the school:

  • Tuesday, April 28 – 12:30-3:30 – 6th grade
  • Wednesday, April 29 – 12:30-3:30 – 7th grade
  • Thursday, April 30 – 12:30-3:30 – 8th grade

Some special notes:

  • If there is more than one student/grade level in a household, pick a day to come for both.
  • Wellness and safety are first and foremost – please adhere to social distancing rules of 6-feet when at the school.
  • Ms. Hannah, Ms. Adams and Ms. Courtney’s classroom notebooks will also be available for pick up.
  • If there were teacher or ATA library books in a locker, we have removed them to return for students.
  • All food/drink items have been disposed.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to navigate the unknown!

ATA: Update 4.16.20

Not online? Answers to some questions…

If you are awaiting a hot spot/internet connectivity from the district, it is coming soon!  In the meantime, families are able to access Google Classrooms each Monday (or anytime during the week) to download assignments for the week ahead from any 4j school district parking lot. The wi-fi in schools is still on and students can log in from the parking lot as needed. Many local businesses around town also have hotspot internet that could be used.

If you have chosen for your child to not participate in online instruction, paper packets of work are available at all 4j lunch distribution locations.  If there is not a table out front, you can ask someone serving lunches for your child’s grade level packet.


Locker Cleanout

Custodians have been busy bagging up locker contents and securing them back in lockers. At this time we continue to not allowing anyone to enter the building. We are awaiting word from the district about when and how to distribute locker items…stay tuned for more information.


Technology Support

If your child experiences difficulty with their technology device, please email:

The 4J technology department has made this email account to assist students and families needing tech support. They are the best resource and skilled at assisting with the technical challenges of 4J devices.



Just a quick review…

  • Students will be recorded as having been present or absent during a whole week at a time.
  • Attendance will be entered once a week on the last day of the week based upon students checking in once or more times over the course of the same week (having at least one two‐way contact with the teacher).
    • A two‐way contact could be an email (e.g. answering a question after watching a video), a phone conversation, a Zoom class or office hours, submitting class work in Google Classroom, etc.
  • Families will receive autodialer calls about attendance every Saturday. The message in those autodialer calls will be appropriate to the current circumstances.

ATA: Week of 4.13.20 Distance Learning Trimester 3

Dear ATA Families,

We hope this letter finds you well. Teachers have enjoyed “seeing” the students who have participated in class this past week and are busy preparing to move forward into 3rd trimester. Monday begins the first day of the last trimester and as we look ahead, there is important information you need to know.


Beginning next Monday, teachers will be posting assignments for the week. The weekly assignments can be found in each teacher’s Google Classroom, which students have been invited to and may have already attended. The expectation is for students to work independently throughout their morning, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:55 p.m., with a lunch break, on the assignments from each class (schedule included below). While students are able to work at their own pace, there is an expectation to “attend” each class a minimum of once and make contact with each teacher weekly. Contact could be an email (e.g. answering a question after watching a video), a phone conversation, a Zoom class, submitting class work in Google classroom, a text containing a picture of the work done, etc. In doing so, students receive credit for the week’s attendance. If a student fails to make contact, they will be marked absent for all 5 days of the week. Please expect a call from your child’s advisor or other school adult in the event of a weekly absence in any class. We are committed to providing as meaningful education as possible and want to be sure that students are accessing their instruction.


As stated, teachers will post coursework for the week each Monday by 8 a.m. While students may work within timeframes that fit with your family’s lifestyle and schedule, the following is a sample of what the middle school day may look like for your child and the schedule teachers will use to provide support/availability each afternoon.

Mon-Fri Mornings
9:00-9:25 Period 1 Google Classroom
9:30-9:55 Period 2 Google Classroom
10:00-10:25 Period 3 Google Classroom
10:30-10:55 Period 4 Google Classroom
11:00-12:00 LUNCH
12:00-12:25 Period 5 Google Classroom
12:30-12:55 Period 6 Google Classroom
Mon-Thu Afternoon
1:00-1:25 Period 1 Teacher Office Hours
1:30-1:55 Period 2 Teacher Office Hours
2:00-2:25 Period 3 Teacher Office Hours
2:30-2:55 Period 4 Teacher Office Hours
3:00-3:25 Period 5 Teacher Office Hours
3:30-4:00 Period 6 Teacher Office Hours

As indicated, students will work about 25 minutes on classwork for each period/class. Students should be engaging in teacher-planned instruction for a maximum of (no more than) 3 hours per day, according to the Oregon Department of Education guidelines. Monday-Thursday afternoon office house are for students to check in with teacher, one to one, small group over zoom about assignments, instructions and answer questions. Friday afternoons are set aside for staff to post attendance updates and participate in Professional Development.

At this time Advisory class will occur once per week in the afternoon. Advisors will let students in their advisory know which day and what time their class will occur. This class will be via Zoom and should be attended by all.


We understand that even with the best laid plans there may be challenges. If your student experiences problems with their technology device, logging onto or accessing Google, email or Zoom, please email:

The 4J technology department has made this email account to assist students and families needing tech support. They are the best resource and skilled at assisting with the technical challenges of 4J devices.

Finally, please continue to check in with your child, email teachers if you have questions and remember – we are all in this together! There is no formula for how this is supposed to work and we are all doing the best we can to provide instruction and education. Continue to look for updates in your email from the ATA and the 4j school district. This is a very fluid time and just like good instruction, we will be adjusting based on student and family needs.

Continue to be safe and well.


Larry Williams, Principal

A.J. Hruby, Asst. Principal


Estimadas familias de ATA:

Esperamos que esta carta los encuentre bien. Los maestros han disfrutado “ver” a los estudiantes que han participado en la clase la semana pasada y están ocupados preparándose para avanzar al tercer trimestre. El lunes comienza el primer día del último trimestre y, a medida que miramos hacia el futuro, hay información importante que necesita saber.


A partir del próximo lunes, los maestros publicarán tareas para la semana. Las tareas semanales se pueden encontrar en la clase Google de cada maestro, a la que los estudiantes han sido invitados y ya pueden haber asistido. La expectativa es que los estudiantes trabajen independientemente durante toda la mañana, de 9:00 a.m. a 12:55 p.m., con un descanso para almorzar, en las tareas de cada clase (el horario se incluye a continuación). Si bien los estudiantes pueden trabajar a su propio ritmo, existe la expectativa de “asistir” a cada clase un mínimo de una vez y ponerse en contacto con cada maestro semanalmente. El contacto puede ser un correo electrónico (por ejemplo, responder una pregunta después de ver un video), una conversación telefónica, una clase de Zoom, enviar trabajos de clase  en la clase Google, un texto que contenga una imagen del trabajo realizado, etc. Al hacerlo, los estudiantes reciben crédito por la asistencia de la semana. Si un estudiante no logra ponerse en contacto, se lo marcará como ausente durante los 5 días de la semana. Espere una llamada del asesor de su hijo u otro adulto de la escuela en caso de una ausencia semanal en cualquier clase. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar una educación lo más significativa posible y queremos asegurarnos de que los estudiantes tengan acceso a su instrucción.


Como se indicó, los maestros publicarán los cursos de la semana cada lunes a las 8 am. Mientras que los estudiantes pueden trabajar dentro de los plazos que se ajustan al estilo de vida y al horario de su familia, la siguiente es una muestra de cómo será el día de la escuela intermedia para su hijo y el horario los maestros usarán para brindar apoyo / disponibilidad cada tarde.

Lunes a viernes por la mañana

9: 00-9: 25   Periodo 1 Google Classroom

9: 30-9: 55   Período 2 Google Classroom

10: 00-10: 25   Periodo 3 Google Classroom

10: 30-10: 55   Periodo 4 Google Classroom

11: 00-12: 00   ALMUERZO

12: 00-12: 25   Período 5 Google Classroom

12: 30-12: 55   Periodo 6 Google Classroom

Lunes a jueves por la tarde

1: 00-1: 25   Período 1 Horario de officina  del maestro

1: 30-1: 55   Período 2 Horario de officina del maestro

2: 00-2: 25   Período 3 Horario de officina del maestro

2: 30-2: 55   Período 4 Horario de officina del maestro

3: 00-3: 25   Período 5 Horario de officina del maestro

3: 30-4: 00   Período 6 Horario de officina del maestro

Como se indicó, los estudiantes trabajarán unos 25 minutos en el trabajo de clase para cada período / clase. Los estudiantes deben participar en la instrucción planificada por el maestro durante un máximo de (no más de) 3 horas por día, de acuerdo con las pautas del Departamento de Educación de Oregón. La casa de la oficina de lunes a jueves es para que los estudiantes se registren con el maestro, uno a uno, un pequeño grupo sobre las tareas, instrucciones y respuestas a las preguntas. Los viernes por la tarde se reservan para que el personal publique actualizaciones de asistencia y participe en el Desarrollo Profesional.

En este momento, la clase de asesoramiento se realizará una vez por semana por la tarde. Los asesores informarán a los estudiantes en su asesoramiento qué día y a qué hora tendrá lugar su clase. Esta clase se realizará a través de Zoom y todos deberán asistir.


Entendemos que incluso con los mejores planes establecidos puede haber desafíos. Si su estudiante tiene problemas con su dispositivo tecnológico, iniciando sesión o accediendo a Google, correo electrónico o Zoom, envíe un correo electrónico:

El departamento de tecnología de 4J ha creado esta cuenta de correo electrónico para ayudar a los estudiantes y las familias que necesitan asistencia técnica. Son el mejor recurso y están capacitados para ayudar con los desafíos técnicos de los dispositivos 4J.

Finalmente, continúe consultando con su hijo, envíe un correo electrónico a los maestros si tiene preguntas y recuerde: ¡estamos todos juntos en esto! No existe una fórmula sobre cómo se supone que esto funciona y todos estamos haciendo lo mejor que podemos para brindar instrucción y educación. Continúe buscando actualizaciones en su correo electrónico de la ATA y el distrito escolar 4j. Este es un momento muy fluido y, al igual que una buena instrucción, nos adaptaremos según las necesidades de los estudiantes y la familia.

Manténganse Seguros y Saludables.


Larry Williams, Director

AJ Hruby, Ass. de Director


ATA: Week of 3.9.20

Nominate “A Champion in Education” Today!

Who is your champion in education? An inspiring teacher? An encouraging school secretary? A caring school counselor or nurse? A dedicated volunteer? A principal who leads by example? A bus driver who always takes the time to listen? A custodian who helped in a time of need?

Now is the time to recognize their contributions by nominating them for an ACE (A Champion in Education) Award!
To learn more and nominate a 4J employee or volunteer, visit The nomination deadline is March 31.

Come celebrate our amazing educators and cheer on the nominees at the awards ceremony on May 12, 5–7 p.m., at Sheldon High School.

One nominee in each of the categories will be named an ACE Award champion and win a $250 grant from the Eugene Education Foundation for the 4J school or program of their choosing. Every nominee will be recognized as an exceptional educator at the awards ceremony.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact 4J Communications at 541-790-7734 or

2020 Census: Every Kid Counts

Every 10 years, everyone living in the United States is asked to complete a simple questionnaire that asks for basic information about all the people in their home.
The 2020 U.S. Census will determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding including for schools and families, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.
Families will receive a letter in the mail in March, telling you how to participate in the head count. Responding to the census is important, it’s easy, and it’s confidential. You can complete the census form online, by phone, or by mail.
Children under the age of 5 are often missed. All kids count on the 2020 Census, no matter their ages. Make sure to count every child living in your home on April 1 on your census form.
Visit to learn more.

¡Nomine a “Un campeón en la educación” hoy!

¿Quién es tu campeón en la educación? ¿Un maestro inspirador? ¿Una secretaria alentadora? ¿Un consejero o enfermera de la escuela que es atento? ¿Un voluntario dedicado? ¿Un director que dirige con el ejemplo? ¿Un conductor de autobús que siempre se toma el tiempo para escuchar? ¿Un conserje que ayudó cuando hubo necesidad?

Ahora es el momento de reconocer sus contribuciones por medio de nominándolos para el premio de ACE (Un Campeón en la Educación).

Para obtener más información y nominar a un empleado o voluntario de 4J, visite la pagina web La fecha limite para nominar es el 31 de marzo.

Venga y celebre a nuestros maravillosos educadores y a alentar a los nominados en la ceremonia de premios el 12 de mayo de 5–7 p.m., en la Preparatoria Sheldon.

Un candidato en cada una de las cinco categorías será nombrado campeón de los Premios ACE y será otorgado una beca de $250 por parte de la Fundación Educativa de Eugene para la escuela de 4J o programa de su elección. Cada nominado será reconocido como un educador excepcional en la ceremonia de premios.

Si tiene preguntas o necesita asistencia, por favor comuníquese con el departamento de comunicaciones de 4J al 541-790-7707.

Censo 2020: Cada niño cuenta

Cada 10 años, a todos los que viven en los Estados Unidos se les pide que completen un cuestionario simple con información básica sobre las personas en su hogar. La ciudadanía no importa, solo dónde viven.
El Censo 2020 determinará la representación en el Congreso, informará a cientos de billones en fondos federales, incluso fondos para escuelas y familias, y proporcionará datos que impactarán a las comunidades durante la próxima década.
Las familias recibirán una carta por correo en marzo, informándole cómo participar en el recuento. Responder al censo es importante, es fácil y es confidencial. Puede completar el formulario del censo en línea, por teléfono o por correo.
Los niños menores de 5 años son frecuentemente extrañados. Todos los niños cuentan con el Censo 2020, sin importar su edad. Asegúrese de contar a cada niño que vive en su hogar el 1 de abril en su formulario de censo.
Visite para obtener más información.


Thursday / Friday

ATA: Midweek 2-26-20

School Text Messages

Are you signed up to receive school texts?

To help you stay informed and connected with your student’s school, this year Eugene School District 4J has added a new text messaging service through the district’s “autodialer” system. In addition to email and phone messages, schools may send occasional text messages with safety alerts or other important information.

A test message was sent on Monday, Feb. 17, to all parents with a phone designated as a mobile phone in their student records. The message came from the short code 67587 and began “You’re registered 4 SchoolMessenger notifications.” Parents who received this message are subscribed to receive future text notifications.

If you did not receive the test message and want to opt-in to text messages, please designate a mobile phone number in your student’s record. The messaging system only allows text messages to be sent to numbers listed in the cell phone field. If you only have a mobile phone, you can list it as both your home and mobile phone number.

To designate a cell phone number in your student’s records:

  1. Log in to your ParentVUE account, go to “My Account” and add your mobile phone in the cell phone field, or
  2. Contact the school to add/designate a mobile phone number.

Text messages will come from the short code 67587. Standard message and data rates apply. To stop receiving text messages, reply STOP at any time. To opt back in to receiving messages, send Y or YES to 67587. To change how you receive different types of messages, go to, create a login, and go to “Preferences” to change your settings.

Mensajes de texto 

¿Estás registrado para recibir textos escolares?

Para ayudarlo a mantenerse informado y conectado con la escuela, este año el Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J ha agregado un nuevo servicio de mensajes de texto. Además de correos electrónicos y mensajes telefónicos, las escuelas pueden enviar mensajes de texto ocasionales con alertas de seguridad y otra información importante.

Se envió un mensaje de prueba el lunes 17 de Febrero a todos los padres con un número designado como teléfono móvil en el registro de su estudiante. El mensaje se envió de el código corto 67587 y comenzó “You’re registered 4 SchoolMessenger notifications.” Los padres que recibieron este mensaje están suscritos para recibir notificaciones de texto en el futuro.

Si no recibió el mensaje de prueba y desea optar para recibir mensajes de texto, designe un número de teléfono móvil en el registro de su estudiante. El sistema de mensajería solo permite enviar mensajes de texto a los números que figuran como teléfono celular. Si solo tiene un teléfono móvil, puede enumerarlo como su número de teléfono residencial y móvil.

Para designar un número de teléfono celular en los registros de su estudiante:

  1. Inicie la sesión en su cuenta ParentVUE, vaya a “Mi cuenta” y agregue su número en el lugar para un teléfono celular, o
  2. Póngase en contacto con la escuela para agregar o designar un número de teléfono celular.

Los mensajes de texto provendrán del código corto 67587. Se aplican las tarifas estándar de mensajes y datos. Para dejar de recibir mensajes de texto, responda STOP en cualquier momento. Para volver a recibir mensajes, envíe YES al 67587. Para cambiar la forma en que recibe los diferentes tipos de mensajes, vaya a, cree un inicio de sesión y vaya a “Preferencias” para cambiar su configuración.

Track Packets Available and due soon!

Track packet 2020

If your child is interested in joining the ATA track team, please complete the packet and be sure they have had a physical within the past 2 years!  Questions, email Coach Morphis at


Last one this Friday!

Students don’t have to be members of Boys & Girl’s Club to join the fun – FREE!!

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.40.12 AM

Upcoming Dates to Note:

Thursday, February 27 – GSA Field Trip to UO

Friday, February 28 – 6:30 p.m. Jazz Band Tea Dance

March 2-6 – Classified Appreciation Week

  • Thank you to ALL our hardworking support staff, from custodial to kitchen to office to educational assistants!

Wednesday, March 4 – 7 p.m. School Board Meeting at the 4j District Office

Friday, March 6 – 7:30 a.m. Coffee with the Superintendent at ATA library

Monday, March 9 – Track Practice starts

Thursday-Friday March 12 & 13 – No School – End of Trimester